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Jamaica Home Sharing Association


Over the recent years, Home Sharing has grown tremendously worldwide.  With over 3100 Airbnb hosts in Jamaica, Tourism Minister Edmund Barlett is urging more Jamaicans to embrace this innovative tourism enterprise.

 Jamaica Homesharing Association (Airbnb Jamaica Host Club) was created at the Sustainable Tourism Conference in October 2017. The President Havanah Llewellyn and Vice President Sherie-Ann Anderson of the Association were chosen by Airbnb. Airbnb decided on launching the Airbnb Host Club in Jamaica with a press conference which was April 2018. As Airbnb understands some Airbnb Hosts share on other platforms, it was best to call it Jamaica Homesharing Association so that all hosts are welcome. Here’s an article from the launch:$2.4m_in_2017?profile=1228

Rutty Caribbean had the pleasure of interviewing Sherie-Ann Anderson, Vice President of the Jamaica Homesharing Association, here’s what she thought we should know about the organisation:

1. Explain the services of JHSA and the linkages with AirBnB, etc?

JHSA is the Jamaica Homesharing Association (Airbnb Jamaica Host Club). The association is Airbnb’s first host club in the Caribbean and joins 200+ counterparts worldwide with a mission to “drive initiatives to better their neighbourhoods.” The association shares best practices among hosts, support community tourism and advocate for fair home sharing legislation. Membership is open to all home sharers whether they list on Airbnb or another platform. As we are an Association, members pay dues. Individuals can register to become a member via and HomeAway we are working closely with as well to ensure homesharing hosts on their platforms have means to contact us as well.

 2. What liability coverage are offered?

Different platforms offer different coverage.

Airbnb offers The Host Guarantee which is not an insurance and doesn’t replace your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. It’s designed to protect hosts for damages to their own possessions, unit, or home in the rare instance of property damage by guests in listings. More information about the Host Guarantee is available here:

➢   The Host Protection Insurance program by Airbnb is an insurance, and it’s designed to cover hosts in the event of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. If you’re covered under other insurance, Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance program will be secondary to that insurance. If you don’t have other insurance, the Host Protection Insurance program could act as your primary insurance for qualifying incidents.

More information about the Host Protection Insurance program is available here:

For a few examples of what the Host Protection Insurance program covers, visit our Help Center:


  Home Away provides a $1M liability insurance, more information can be found here:


  JHSA is working on getting discounted quotes from several insurance companies for renters insurance for our members. Once those details are finalized we will announce it.

 3. How can JHSA help with property management?

  JHSA can source and provide excellent Property Managers who have immense experience and are available in Jamaica to assist with various needs such as: handling all bookings, listing property on various platforms, communications, checking guests in, handling property needs such as cleaning, supplying stock etc.

 4. Any home sharing statistic that you can share for Jamaica?

  Host revenues in 2017 were US$9.4 million, which shows an increase from the US $5.8 million earned in 2016

5. Any additional information you feel readers should know?

  JHSA has meetups quarterly and invites are sent out via Airbnb and also announced in the local newspaper. Individuals can sign up to be a member via: so you can be registered and all information shared.


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