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Jamaican Fast Food Restaurant Expanding Into Canada


If you have never tasted Jamaican food, I hate to say that you are missing the essence of Jamaica’s love.

Jamaican food is an exotic blend of flavor, culture, people, music, and family showcasing their delicacies in large family gatherings or with friends. The main difference between Jamaican food and other foods of the Caribbean is the use of the spicy red small bell pepper called the scotch bonnet that adds a kicker to all their meals.

Recently, Golden Krust, a Jamaican-owned fast food restaurant, expanded into Canada taking their taste and culture into the Canadian fast food market. Most people that enjoy the exotic taste of Jamaica love the mixture of texture, healthy ingredients, the ambiance and hospitality that Jamaica is known for. You are in for a delicious meal as their food consist of lean proteins, vegetable, fresh organically grown foods, and their own blend of spice mix known to native Jamaicans.

The move to Canada is to cater to their Caribbean communities residing in Canada and to introduce other cultures to the sweet, spicy, flavors of Jamaica.

Some fast food owners pushing for expansion are listed below on

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